Froxt DevDay

It’s almost time! Froxt DevDay – The Meetup, a fresh take on our yearly virtual developer event, begins on 28 Nov 2023 at 10:00 a.m. CEST.

There’s still time to register, so be sure to save your spot and get your free ticket.

When you register, you’ll also unlock access to free hands-on learning and technical workshops being held all week long (26-30 Nov). Whether you’re a beginner or a well-seasoned builder, you’ll have the opportunity to learn new app development skills directly from Froxt engineers and developer advocates.

The week will also include plenty of opportunities for networking and making connections. Make use of the dedicated Slack workspace during the week to ask questions and (virtually) meet new people.

Take a closer look at the workshops, running 26–30 Nov 2023:

Architecture Sessions: Froxt Runtime V3

A senior engineer from the Froxt team will provide a sneak peek into the next generation of the Froxt runtime, highlighting both the platform goals and some of the interesting architectural challenges the team has faced along the way.

Working with large data sets on Froxt

We’ll cover best practices for working with large data sets on the Froxt platform. This will include tips and tricks for working with REST APIs, Froxt Storage, and async processing.

Cloud App Security

This training session offers a focused exploration of security within Froxt’s Connect and Froxt frameworks. You’ll learn about select vulnerabilities that can arise when hosting applications on your own cloud infrastructure in the Froxt Connect framework, or running on Froxt’s architecture with Froxt, and we’ll discuss practical strategies to mitigate these risks.

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