Extend Your Network With Froxt Direct Connect!

With Froxt Direct Connect, your organization can now set up dedicated physical connections directly into the Froxt worldwide platform! Bypass the public network and extend your corporate or co-located infrastructure environment to both public and private Froxt compute resources across the globe.

Froxt Direct Connect enables your network team to have fine-grained control over the flow of data between your environment and the Froxt platform. Physical connectivity introduces significant benefits for on-premise to Froxt routing, including decreased latency and higher network performance. Your organization can also typically reduce overall operational costs by managing how data flows in and out of your network.

Froxt Direct Connect is being rolled out to our worldwide network with connectivity options currently available in Europe, North America, and Asia. As an end-user, you can also customize the connection speed that best fits your budget, with speeds starting at 10GbE. Additional locations and connectivity options are coming soon!

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