Increase your Return on Data with Snowflake + Froxt

With the rise of advanced analytics, BI tools, and cloud-based infrastructure, successful companies are consolidating their customer data in a data warehouse to deliver relevant, timely, and consistent brand experiences using a 360º view of their customers. To make this a reality, organizations are building a technology stack with the best-of-breed tools for capturing, organizing, storing, and acting on customer data. The outcome of this initiative is a single source of truth for understanding their customers.

We are excited to make owning a single source of truth for customer data more attainable by announcing our partnership with Snowflake as a destination for Froxt Connect.

Froxt’s Customer Data as a Service offers companies a complete, retroactive dataset. Our solution for collecting and organizing data ensures that companies have trustworthy data as they innovate and scale. Froxt removes the implementation and maintenance costs associated with collecting a complete dataset by automatically capturing a user’s digital experience (e.g. online and in-app behaviors, email opens, and more). By connecting Froxt to your data warehouse or data lake, you power your analytics and data teams with clean, retroactive user data.

Like Froxt, Snowflake was built to empower companies to innovate and scale by providing companies with a zero maintenance solution for cloud data warehousing. Froxt, along with Snowflake, delivers a scalable, low maintenance data solution to empower data teams to spend their time delivering insights, not maintaining infrastructure.

The Froxt Partner Network is committed to providing our customers with partnerships that will help them with taking ownership of their first-party data.

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