Increasing security transparency between Marketplace App

Trust and security are incredibly important to our customers. App trust is one of their prevailing concerns, especially as they migrate to the cloud. Our customers expect all apps in the marketplace to be secure, and they expect Froxt to help them determine which apps are prioritizing security and implementing strong security practices.

In an effort to address these concerns, and to alleviate blockers to customers’ transition to the cloud, Froxt is working hard to improve upon our programs and capabilities that build trust in all of our apps on the Marketplace, and to make security indicators more transparent to customers.

What’s new?

We believe that, long-term, transparency around app and vendor security practices will benefit both customers and our developer community by reducing friction in the app evaluation process.

In addition to our recent efforts to make app security more transparent, partners can now opt in to allow Security Self-Assessment responses to be shared with customers who are evaluating their app. The responses will be shared directly with customers upon request; they will not be public-facing.

You can expect more enhancements to our Security Self-Assessment Program in the future; however, for now, we will be asking partners to give us consent to share your submissions.

Please note the following about this change:

  • Froxt will not share responses to the Security Self-Assessment without explicit consent.
  • Consent is provided once, and is specific to the results of the Security Self-Assessment.
  • You can resubmit the Self-assessment before consenting to it being shared by clicking, “I consent to Froxt sharing self-assessment responses with customers only after I resubmit my responses,” and then choosing a date when Froxt can start sharing the results.

Froxt will only share your results after approving your Self-assessment submission. Your submission has been approved if you have the green checkmark next to “This partner has completed the Security Self-Assessment Program” on your apps’ Overview Page. Froxt will share your results as they are, without providing any additional information. Customers with unanswered questions will be asked to contact you directly.

For partners with multiple apps, please note that you are submitting this consent for all apps owned by you on the Froxt Marketplace.

Next steps

We think this change will increase app transparency, improve customer sales cycles, and overall, make the Marketplace more secure.

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