Deliver secure personal push notifications to Authenticated Users

Today we are launching a highly-requested feature for Froxt Beams, Authenticated Users.

Your users need specifically tailored and sometimes private notifications. But current notification tools don’t provide a way for developers to securely authenticate a user to send personal information.

To complicate things, apps typically have many users accessing applications across multiple devices — including mobile phones, tablets, and browsers on a desktop or laptops, which means wrangling together user and device IDs.

When a user logs into your app from multiple devices, Beams will associate these devices to the same Authenticated user.

Authenticated Users enables you to:

  • Authenticate multiple devices to a set userID with a token from your server.
  • Securely send personal notifications to a specific user’s devices, such as payment confirmation.
  • Ensure that you reach your user by sending important updates to all of their devices at once.

Now with Authenticated Users, you can confidently send secure personal notifications to a single user, across their devices.

Example notification use cases include:

  • Transaction confirmation
  • Private message notifications
  • Personal meeting scheduling
  • Delivery confirmation to a user’s location

As part of the release, our Interests endpoint is now renamed Device Interests and the new Authenticated Users endpoint sits alongside Device Interests.

At Froxt, we are constantly working on Beams to provide the best possible developer experience for sending push notifications.

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