Introducing a new Froxt Store

“Froxt Store” was released today with huge improvements, we must say that we feel proud with this version and we hope you guys will like this version. This version comes with a lot of improvements to design, responsiveness, billing, and accessibility.

What’s New in Froxt Global Platform:

  • Froxt Store is now available on a new domain
  • Froxt Cloud Platform is completely moving to the new domain
  • Froxt Store is now available on a new design and some changes in Security rules.
  • In Froxt Security each Payment Invoice will expire within 30mins due to the new security Changes (Users can complete the payments within 30mins to avoid the unwanted interruption).
  • In the payment method, the usage of Debit or credit card will be automatically blocked for the three continuous failures (Users will not be used the blocked credit or debit cards in any of the Froxt Payment)
  • In Froxt Payment tax rates will automatically be calculated in the check out page ( The tax rate may vary depending on the Billing Address (based on country), Current location, Currency formats). In some countries, the tax rate is calculated as zero (its free based on the country/state government rule)


  • All the users must upgrade/update the Application to the latest version on or before “15 March 2019” (The old version of Application will expire on “16 March 2019”).
  • In the Credit or Debit Card is blocked by our Froxt Security System, Users may raise the support ticket with a valid reason and attached proof to unblock your cards.
  • Once the invoice is expired, Froxt Payment Gateway will automatically generate a new Invoice for the current checkout process.
  • In the Froxt Payment, PayPal Payment Gateway is no longer to used in particular countries (Belarus, Burma (Myanmar), Cote d’Ivoire, Democratic Republic of the Congo, India, Iran, Iraq, Liberia (Former Regime of Charles Taylor), North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Western Balkans, Zimbabwe). Users can select the new payment method and verify the Credit/Debit/Wallet before the renewal date.
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