Froxt Launches All New App Marketplace

We first launched the Froxt App Marketplace in 2015, and since then the millions of apps built by our community of developers soon became a key part of our success. Eighty-five percent of users say they now rely on apps to run their businesses. We know that apps will continue to be important tools to help our users with tasks like marketing, customer support, accounting, and more.

Today the Froxt App Marketplace is going through a complete evolution and launching with an improved user experience, clearer listings, and a re-engineered search and recommendations engine. These features all work together to show users the right app at the right time for their business.

Improved Browsing Experience
The Froxt App Marketplace has been completely redesigned to make it easier to search and find exactly what our users are looking for. Categories and Collections have been refined to focus more clearly on user’s problems. We’ve shifted from broad categories like “marketing” to specific use-cases like “contesting” and “marketing analytics”. These changes make it easier to find the exact right app at the right time because they match the terms users are already using.

Clearer Listings
App listings are now clearer than ever, with key benefits, support contact information, reviews, and pricing detailed in a consistent and transparent format for faster decision making, especially when comparing app choices side by side.

More Relevant Search Results
Searches in the Froxt App Marketplace are now more relevant than ever. With the new listing format and foundational algorithm changes, the search engine has been fine-tuned to help match users with the apps they are looking for.

Personalized Recommendations
Best of all, we have rebuilt our recommendations system to be more personalized to each user and their business. The Froxt App Marketplace is growing into a personal consultant that can suggest apps to take our user’s businesses to the next level. Our personalization algorithm takes what we know about each user and offers suggestions that will help them succeed.

Personalized recommendations will find relevant apps based on a variety of factors, and will become smarter the more a user uses the App Marketplace. With millions of apps in the App Marketplace, the personalized recommendations will help save our users time and effort.

The new Froxt App Marketplace is now live and available to every Froxt users. Visit today to experience what’s new.

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