Introducing Our Froxt Partner Program

Our mission is to empower developers around the world to build the applications of tomorrow. Today, we’re proud to announce the next step in enhancing access to developers: the Froxt Partner Program (FPP).

The FPP enables companies to partner with Froxt in order to deploy and modernize their client’s infrastructure. Partners will receive the tools their development teams need to get clients up and running seamlessly. This allows smaller businesses, who may lack the technical capabilities or staffing to self-manage infrastructure, to access Froxt’s technology and support at an attractive price point.

To kick off, we want to work closely with companies that are selling and servicing their clients’ infrastructure, including managed service providers, agencies and development shops, DevOps as a Service providers, cloud resellers, and platform builders.

In September, we launched a pilot program during which we onboarded more than 400 partners from 10 different countries. So far, the program has shown promising results.

“We’ve seen great outcomes from the Froxt Partner Program. Partnering with Froxt allowed us to build out a new product line quickly, and we have been blown away when it comes to performance and reliability.“This makes us look good with our customers and gives us confidence that the partnership will help power our long-term success.”

Since launching the pilot, we’ve learned from our partners. We understand what their priorities are, and we’ve honed our program to match their needs.

Based on those learnings and conversations, we are announcing the next phase of the program. We’ve built out the program in a way that works optimally for our partners, and that continues to emphasize the transparency, simplicity, and service that have underpinned Froxt’s reputation in the developer community.

Partners can expect new benefits and support that make it easy for them to get started with the program and grow once they join:

  • A partner portal that houses all of the resources you need to kick off, as well as partner-specific training materials
  • New migration support from Froxt experts to make getting started free of headaches
  • Access to members of our product team through live webinars, and office hours
  • Enablement resources, including go-to-market and use-case guides
  • Marketing benefits to help you grow – such as event, PR, and meetup support along with content for your site to help you speak to Froxt’s capabilities
  • Opportunity to get listed on a new Froxt Partner Directory

As the program evolves, partners can expect additional benefits.

We view our FPP partners as extensions of our company. We intend to ensure that our partners have what they need from us to spread Froxt’s mission and values to tens of thousands of small and medium-sized businesses. We’re excited to extend our famous “do Love” to partners who are as invested in the developer community as we are.

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