New Froxt Marketplace is here!

As we announced early this year, Froxt Marketplace (Store) is one of our major updates in 2018. And now the wait is over. We are delighted to inform that the new Froxt Marketplace (Store) is already available for you to experience.

Froxt Store is the official Froxt Marketplace developed by the Froxt Developer team for third-party experts and our valued clients.

In this new release, we bring a brand new look on the Store includes new layouts, designs, features… These changes primarily aim to improve user experiences upon finding apps, purchasing apps, installing apps and managing purchases.

Aside from the significant improvements in user interfaces, the new Store also is a big leap in term of functionalities as several upgrades and extensions on features have been implemented or re-designed workflows. Surely, the new Store is capable of fulfilling any user’s needs and demands.

One epoch-making improvement for privacy and management is that accounts on the new Store (including Experts) are now synced with accounts in Froxt Client Area. This transition ensures that you can manage your account and your purchases more securely and conveniently.

Since new Froxt Store has many new features and new layouts, it will take time for experts to update their products and profiles.

So please try and enjoy this new release of Froxt Store. Also, let us know your opinions on this new release of the Store. In case you need any extra help from the team on Store inquiries, you can always reach us.

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